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Mountable Leather Gun Holsters

Hildolfr designs and manufactures leather gun holsters for packing, travel and storage. Mount these gun holsters in your car, glove box, or safe keep your gun in place, out of the way and ready. Greatly expands the natural capacity of any home safe.


Welcome visitors from!

Even though TCH has closed its doors, the story doesn't end there!

I am designing a variation of the gun holster that I originally created, which was later sold through Texas Custom Holsters. I'm eager to get you opinion on the modified holster design, which will be offered for pre-sale in the coming weeks. Please drop your email in the box above to be notified of new information including first pictures, and an opportunity to take part in the pre-sale, which will be offered to the first 100 customers only.


Below, I'm using older pictures to layout the site. We should finish the final prototype of the new holster next week. Pictures of the new holster will be posted as soon as we have them

 FPO - Work in Progress

FPO - Work in Progress

[WIP] Premium Grade Leather

FPO. We use only the finest quality leather in the construction of this holster. A thick (oz?) backing leather and hard retension strap coupled with a finished garment grade leather both keep your firearm clean and in place.

 FPO. Showing inside of a custom made holster with fabric. - Work in progress.

FPO. Showing inside of a custom made holster with fabric. - Work in progress.

[WIP] Hard / Flat Back Panel

The holster back is flat providing the perfect surface to stick your holster to almost any cloth using the stitched velcro or secure it permanently using the provided hardware.


[WIP] Cloak

This holster will come with a finish square of leather used as a cloak to conceal the holster in case you've mounted it in a position where it may not naturally be concealed 100% of the time. The cloak will come with a snap to secure it to the gun holster as well as velcro on the other three corners to attach anywhere around the holster and provide epic concealment.

From the creator of Texas Custom Holsters.

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